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Cathodo- phosphors
Photo- phosphors
X - Ray phosphors
Electroluminescent phosphors

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About production

    Our Company are developing the following types of phosphors and products using these phosphors:

  • Cathodophosphors
  • Photophosphors
    • Photophosphors for luminescent lamps
    • Light-accumulators
      • "Svetlachok" long-persistence phosphors (LDP1,2,3)
      • Luminescent paints , varnishes, compounds, plastics on the basis of LDP phosphors of the "Svetlachok" series
    • Light-transforming additives
      • PUL 1, 1A,1B additives
      • Svetostab-PUL superconcentrate
      • "Urozhay" agrofilm (with the PUL-1 additive)
  • X-ray phosphors
  • Electrophosphors

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